Crossword Puzzle

Yoruba Crossword Puzzle


  1. Yoruba artifact that was dedicated to deity of herbal medicine, Osanyin (osanyinstaff)
  2. Ife-Ife is known worldwide for this (bronze)
  3. another name for the Yoruba Empire (oyo)
  4. means rulers in Yoruba (oba)
  5. Yoruba art statue that resembles lost twin in case of death of one twin. (ibejistatue)


  1. cultural region of the Yoruba people in West Africa. (yorubaland)
  2. ancestor of first divine king of the Yoruba (oduduwa)
  3. a powerful Yoruba kingdom, considered cultural and spiritual homeland of the Yoruba nation (ifeife)
  4. used to make sculptures and statues (terracotta)
  5. means emperor in Yoruba (alaafin)
  6. seed of cola tree and is chewed or made into a drink (koranuts)
  7. drums played to praise their gods, specifically the God of Thunder (batadrums)


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