Crossword Puzzle

Grade 4 ELA Vocabulary Theme 1


  1. a long period of intense questioning (interrogation)
  2. said something very quietly (muttered)
  3. something unusual that happened by accident (fluke)
  4. small groups of people or things that are close together (clusters)
  5. extremely strong anger (fury)
  6. to move or flinch slightly because of discomfort of fear (cringed)


  1. an agreement between people or countries in which they promise to do certain things (pact)
  2. a sick feeling in your stomach (queasy)
  3. something is given to you whether you want it or not (foisted)
  4. a new project that is exciting and even risky (venture)
  5. somewhat angry about something (annoyed)
  6. keeping you from having something (depriving)
  7. shocked and sometimes speechless (stunned)
  8. one specific thing of its kind (particular)
  9. something is hot and makes a hissing sound (sizzles)
  10. to walk in a slow, relaxed way (stroll)
  11. stretched your neck to see or hear something better (craned)

["legendary", "gaped", "flinched", "snickering", "glared", "surrender", "sparkling", "averted", "stern", "accusing", "solemnly"]

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