Crossword Puzzle



  1. Constantine had the _______ ___ _____________ built to commemorate his victory over Maxentius. (archofconstantine)
  2. Constantine was the Emperor of the ___________. (west)
  3. Licinius ruled the __________ empire. (east)
  4. Constantine felt he was held _____________ by Diocletian to make sure that his father remain loyal. (hostage)
  5. In 330 AD Constantine established the new capital of the Roman Empire on the location of the ancient city of __________________. (byzantium)
  6. Constantine's army _________________ Maxentius' army. (dominated)


  1. New Roman capital named after Emperor Constantine (constantinople)
  2. Constantine was able to read and write in both Latin and __________. (greek)
  3. After his father became ill, Constantine was named Emperor and ruled over ________, Gaul and Spain. (britain)
  4. When Galerius died in 311 AD, ___________declared himself emperor. (maxentius)
  5. After taking Rome, Constantine forged an alliance with ______________. (licinius)
  6. Constantine's army was ________ the size of Maxentius' army. (half)
  7. Constantine witnessed Diocletian's ________________ of Christians. (persecution)
  8. Constantine considered himself to be a follower of the Christian ___________. (faith)

["naissus", "emperordiocletian", "gaul", "circusmaximus", "christiancross", "edictofmilan", "united"]

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