Crossword Puzzle

nutrition for health


  1. smart eating and physical activity (dietaryguidelineforamericans)
  2. a unit of heat used to measure the energy your body uses and the energy it receives from food (calorie)
  3. nutrients the body uses to build and maintain it's cell and tissue (proteins)


  1. the process by which your body takes in and uses food (nutrition)
  2. natural physical drive to eat (hunger)
  3. tough complex carbohydrates that your body can't digest (fiber)
  4. starches and sugars found in foods which provide your main source of energy (carbohydrates)
  5. compound found in food that helps regulate many body process (vitamins)
  6. bones become weak (osteoporosis)
  7. high ratio of nutrient (nutrient-dense)
  8. waxy,fat like substance (cholesterol)
  9. element found in your food that are used by the body (minerals)
  10. guide to healthful eating (mypyramid)
  11. subtance in food that your body need to grow,repair itself and supply energy (nutrients)


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