Crossword Puzzle

Pesticides I


  1. kills bacteria and viruses. (antimicrobials)
  2. promote drying of living tissues, such as unwanted plant tops. (desiccants)
  3. kill or inactivate disease-producing microorganisms. (disinfectants)
  4. kill fungi, mildews, molds, and rusts. (fungicides)
  5. produce gas or vapor intended to destroy pests in the soil. (fumigants)


  1. kills algae found in lakes, canals, swimming pools, and water tanks. (algicides)
  2. kill or repel organisms that attach to underwater surfaces, such as barnacles that cling to boat bottoms. (antifoulants)
  3. lure pests to a trap. (attractants)
  4. are derived from natural materials, such as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. (biopesticides)
  5. kill microorganisms. (biocides)
  6. cause leaves or foliage to drop from a plant to promote harvest. (defoliants)

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