Crossword Puzzle

Basic Parts of a sell


  1. Transport protein from the different parts of the cell (endroplasmicreticulum)


  1. Consist of a jelly like substances where all other parts of the cell are located (cytoplasm)
  2. It controls all the activities of the other parts that occur within the cell (nucleus)
  3. It has attached ribsomes that manufacture protein (rougher)
  4. It contains powerfull enzyms that digest food particles in the cell (lysosome)
  5. It is found inside the nucleus that produce ribsomes (nucleulous)
  6. It has no attached ribsomes is involved in the manufacturing if facts in liquids (smoother)
  7. It converts energy in food to a form usuable to the cell (mitochondrion)
  8. Located near the nucleus. They help organize structures during cell division (centrioles)
  9. Where food is made through the process photosynthesis (childroplast)
  10. Encloses the cell and separates what is inside it from environment (plasmamembrane)

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