Crossword Puzzle

Treasure Island Crossword Puzzle


  1. come together, usually for a purpose (congregate)
  2. a short sword with a slightly curved blade (cutlass)
  3. a person, especially a soldier or sailor (mutineer)
  4. having a loose, rough, or uneven surface or edge (raggedness)
  5. exceptionally bad or displeasing (prodigious)
  6. spring back; spring away from an impact (ricochet)


  1. incapacity resulting from a cerebral haemorrhage or stroke. (apoplexy)
  2. a court which formerly sat at intervals in each county (assizes)
  3. a pirate, originally one operating in the Caribbean (buccaneer)
  4. a wooden rod with an iron tip (handspike)
  5. a civil officer who administers the law (magistrate)
  6. an instrument used for taking angular measurements (quadrant)
  7. tall marsh plant with cylindrical seed heads (bulrush)

["cannikin", "capstan", "parlour", "irresolute", "condescend", "mutilate"]

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