Crossword Puzzle

Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism I – Lesson 8


  1. buying process where participants involved are influencers, deciders, approvers, buyers and gatekeepers (organizational)
  2. are groups in the organizational buying process who have the formal authority for selecting suppliers and arranging the terms of purchase (users)


  1. ___________ Specification is the stage of organizational buying process in which someone in the company decides on and specifies the best technical product characteristics for a needed item (product)
  2. are secretaries and assistants have the power to prevent sellers from reaching the buying centre (gatekeepers)
  3. also called organizations, have specific objectives, policies, procedures, organizational structures, and systems related to buying (companies)
  4. Problem _____________ is the stage of the organizational buying process in which someone in a company recognizes a problem or a need that can be met by acquiring a good or a service (recognition)
  5. ___________ Review happens when a buyer rates its satisfaction with suppliers, deciding whether to continue, modify or drop the relationship (performance)

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