Crossword Puzzle

Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism I – Lesson 1


  1. Aims to build good relationships with valuable customers (customerxloyaltyxprograms)
  2. Consumers favour available and highly affordable products (manufacturing)


  1. Aims to identify, satisfy customer needs and requirements (marketing)
  2. Also called 4Ps such as product, price, place, promotion (marketingxmix)
  3. The most important basic need to be satisfied according to Maslow (eg food, water) (physiological)
  4. Become demand when backed by buying power (wants)
  5. Anything that satisfies a want or need (product)
  6. The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service (quality)
  7. Also known as maintaining customers by creating customers’ preference of the company's products and services (customerxretention)
  8. Marketing management that focus on reducing, reusing and recycling waste while satisfying customers (societal)
  9. A system that contains a record of information such as customer particulars (customerxdatabase)
  10. A mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations (promotion)
  11. Marketing management philosophy which focus on maximizing sales (selling)

["need", "marketingxresearcher"]

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