Crossword Puzzle



  1. The diameter of a basketball hoop (eighteeninches)
  2. This is how to a game starts (jumpball)
  3. National Basketball Association (nba)
  4. Players run or walk with the ball (traveling)


  1. You are allowed to take your time without a defender guarding you. Happens after a foul. (freethrow)
  2. This is another term for three points (fieldgoal)
  3. This is the primary way to move the ball up, and down the court (dribbling)
  4. Bounce, overhead, and chest pass are ways to get the ball to your teammates (passing)
  5. Teams do this after a shot has been attempted, and missed (rebound)
  6. The pass is to the chest (chestpass)
  7. In general, this is the easier way to score points in basketball (layups)

["mantoman", "bouncepass", "overheadpass", "defense", "offense", "doubledribble", "five"]

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