Crossword Puzzle

ins basic


  1. used when RTE is down (overridequery)
  2. entity who is being covered (member)
  3. format of LL#####L (cin)
  4. plan number 500 (pomco)
  5. coverage for military (tricare)
  6. stores patient info, coverage info and guarantor info (har)
  7. medicare for outpatient (partb)


  1. entity responsible for bill (guarantor)
  2. coverage administered by states based on federal requirements that a patient must qualify for (medicaid)
  3. national social insurance program (medicare)
  4. entity who coverage is through (subscriber)
  5. messages in RTE indicating items that are of interest/warnings (alert)
  6. policy numbers begin with 890 (empire)
  7. use prefix ynz (excellus)
  8. questionnaire for medicare (mspq)

["mismatch", "recycled", "lhd", "longtermcare"]

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