Crossword Puzzle

OB/gyn Puzzle


  1. CPD (cephalopelvicdisproportion)
  2. First milk (colostrum)
  3. Labor couch (doula)
  4. Protrusion of tissue (hernia)
  5. Yellow to Orange skin color (jaundice)


  1. Double footling (breech)
  2. created by breast feeding (afterpains)
  3. Alpha fetal protein (afp)
  4. Absence of monthly (amenorrhea)
  5. Done at Birth (apgar)
  6. Preferred method (breastfeeding)
  7. neck of uterus (cervix)
  8. STI (chlamydia)
  9. Necessary (contracions)
  10. Trisomy 21 (downsyndrome)
  11. pregnancy (etopic)
  12. Part of reproductive system (ovaries)
  13. specializes in pregnancy (obstetrician)
  14. Pediatric doctor (pediatrician)

["fetaldistress", "episiotomy", "fontanels", "gestationaldiabetes", "engorgement", "effacement", "kagels", "hemorrhoid", "preeclamptic", "eclamptic", "miscarriage", "mittlesmertz", "gravida", "lochia", "lamaze"]

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