Crossword Puzzle

2.0 Hospitality and Tourism Words


  1. Computer system (propertymanagementsystem)
  2. Inside a section (inbound)
  3. temporary economic decline (recession)
  4. Planning (forecasting)
  5. revenue (inventory)
  6. action of reserving something (reservations)
  7. production and distribution of a commodity (supplychain)
  8. during the day (dayshift)
  9. devote to a task for which they are paid (labor)


  1. the country of manufacture, production, or growth (countryoforigin)
  2. sensitive to the business cycle (cyclicalindustry)
  3. need (demand)
  4. Low time (depression)
  5. To expand (expansion)
  6. world (globalization)
  7. physical and organizational structures (infrastructure)
  8. Outside (outbound)
  9. amount of goods you have (supply)
  10. website (bookingengine)
  11. How much you need (levelofdemand)
  12. longer than the time, limits, or duration of (overstays)
  13. planning future business actions (budgeting)

["economicmultiplier", "nationaltourismoffice", "transnationalcorporation", "degreeofaccuracy", "no-showpercentage", "ten-dayforecast", "under-stays", "walk-ins", "yieldmanagement", "afternoonshift", "fullhouse", "housecount", "nightshift", "schedule", "staffing", "workshift"]

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