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Landforms & Landscapes


  1. the ability of a rock or sediment to let fluids pass through its open spaces, or pores (permeability)
  2. a landslide characterized by the downward movement of one or more masses of rock or debris along curved surfaces (slump)
  3. the slow downhill movement of weathered rock material (creep)
  4. the flow of a mass of mud or rock and soil mixed with a large amount of water (mudflow)
  5. the process in which material is laid down (deposition)
  6. the movement of a large mass of sediment or a section of land down a slope (masswasting)


  1. the natural process by which atmospheric and environmental agents disintegrate and decompose rocks (weathering)
  2. unsorted rock material that is deposited directly by a melting glacier (till)
  3. an accumulation of weathered and broken rock fragments at the base of a mountain slope (talus)
  4. a process in which the materials of Earth's surface are loosened, dissolved, or worn away and transported from one place to another (erosion)
  5. the percentage of the total volume of a rock or sediment that consists of open spaces (porosity)
  6. a large mass of moving ice (glacier)
  7. a loose mixture of rock fragments and organic material that can support the growth of vegetation (soil)

["rockfall", "horizon"]

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