Crossword Puzzle



  1. Lowest point on Dartmoor (dogholebridge)
  2. protected by a ________ ____ status (nationalpark)
  3. Exposed granite hill top (tor)
  4. First farming communities date back to this age (bronze)
  5. prehistoric standing stones (menhirs)


  1. Number of visitor centres on Dartmoor (three)
  2. commonly mined (copper)
  3. Dartmoor prison is based here (princetown)
  4. vast moorland in the country of devon (dartmoor)
  5. Best known tor on Dartmoor (haytor)
  6. moor takes its name from this river (dart)
  7. point at which east and west dart meet (dartmeet)
  8. National park is covered in a layer of decaying vegetation (peat)

["bog", "grimspound"]

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